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5,7” Touch-screen monitoring and control system San Giorgio S.E.I.N.

5,7” Touch-screen monitoring and control system

5,7” Touch-screen monitoring and control system



The UNS10194, evolution of the much appreciated UNS10184 it has been designed to acquire, control and record the parameters of propulsion (up to three engines), auxiliary and navigation systems. In one single compact unit you can find a powerful and flexible acquisition unit, a processing and recording unit and a 5.7” high brightness colour display with touchscreen and additional membrane keyboard




5.7’’ TFT color high brightness (500nits) with resistive touch screen
Five buttons low profile keyboard
3 x Frequency from pickup / W alternator (max 15Khz, min 2Vpp)
10 x 0-300 ohm VDO/VEGLIA sensors
8 x 0-100 Kohm PRO level senders
12 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
3 0-32 V
8 Thermocouples J or K model
8 x Relays normally open, maximum current 500mA
Power and fuel consumption computing
Exhaust gas monitoring
Echo and GPS repeater
Service monitoring
Engine use statistic and diagnostic
Fast connectors with 1.5 m harness
200 (W) x 150 (H) x 140 (D) mm / 1.5 Kg
12/24 VDC - 500mA
-20 +70 °C
Made in Italy